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RentSher has the best front for rental businesses across all the categories that we service. If you are a business who has laptops on rent, projectors on rent or audio visual equipment for rent, then RentSher can help you grow the business manifold and make use of inventory.
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How it works?

Renting out products through RentSher is easy and convenient

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1. Know about RentSher

If you are a vendor supplying laptops, IT or audio visual equipments, you can upload on RentSher. You can find more details of working with RentSher at the below links.

How it works RentSher FAQs
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2. Fill in your details

We encourage you to fill in the right details for our team to be in touch with you for the business requirements and product uploads.

Please provide as much information as possible, including your product catalog if avaialbe.

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3. We will be in touch

Our team will be in touch for your complete inventory mapping, cataloging and uploading on website

If you wish to start with just a couple of products, you can directly upload them through the below link

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Upload your product

Fill in some simple details about yourself and about the product you want to rent out.

  • Chose from the product categories available
  • Click and upload at least one recent photo
  • You can decide the rental pricing
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Handover your product

When the product is booked on the website, our team will get in touch with you for the pickup of the product. The Rental will be given to you at the end of the month for all the orders that are received in the current month.

How it works
return product

Get back your product

When you receive the product back after a rental period, we encourage you to do full quality check and inform our team if there is any damage or claims.

  • Your commission percent is applicable on amount post GST
  • All rental payouts will be done to bank accounts only
  • All damage claims to be raised within 24 hours
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Why Rent Out?

Rental industry is growing and we are fueling the growth with your products made available to thousands of our customers. Here are some of the benefits of renting your products through RentSher:

  • online booking
    Online Booking

    All of products on Website from fancy dress to laptops, projectors to wheelchairs and more are made available for customers to rent through booking in advance.

  • earn extra
    Earn Extra

    Online rental channels make your products available for online searchers, enabling more utilization of your current inventory at no additional marketing cost.

  • online payments voice
    Online payment and Invoice

    The complete rental process is made available online and we help with the accounting of the monthly orders.

  • support rented items
    Hassle free process

    Renting out through RentSher is a hassle free process, ‘Renting Made Easy’ with RentSher.

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