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Paper Shredders

The paper shredders with 60 KG Capacity are needed to shred old credit cards, documents and CDs etc. that are confidential or personal but now obsolete.

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  • 1199/Day
  • Refundable Deposit ₹ 4000/Unit
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    ₹ 1000
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Product Details

The documents like Credit Cards, Data CDs, and various other paper documents of sensitive nature can?t be left to perish of its own, and its proper destruction is a necessity for security reasons. A paper shredder is an excellent way out to destroy these and many more paper waste at the offices, banks, hospitals, hotels, corporate houses etc. which may be occupying unnecessary space at the workplace. Destroy up to 60 kgs of waste per day and what more is you need not to purchase it, rent it, use it and return it.

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