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Kores Cash Counting Machine

Kores Cash counting machine can count the number of notes, identify fake Notes using UV and MG detection function as fake or half, where a lot of quick cash counting is required such as malls, hospitals, hotels, bank, schools, corporate houses etc.

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  • 599/Day
  • 2999/Week
  • Refundable Deposit ₹ 3000/Unit
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    ₹ 1000
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Product Details

This money counter (counting machine), having made by Kores, is very easy to use and have many advanced functions with batch function. It can count the number of bills and also distinguish between half-notes, fake or torn notes using UV (ultraviolet) and MG (magnetic) functions while counting the currency. The machine has an automatic start, stop and clearing with batching, adding and self ?examination functions etc. The excellent counting speed helps saving time at hospitals, corporate business houses, CA firms; Banks, Cash counters at Malls etc as the machine come with highly advanced and accurate counting designed especially for INR. IS 9000i. The facility of printer connectivity helps get the complete break-up of the transaction.

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