lifebuoyRentSher Model

RentSher is the platform for IT Equipment’s & Audio Visual Rentals, serving across 10+ cities in India. You as an owner of products can upload details of your product(s) online and they will be available for others to rent on our website. RentSher will provide a platform to do so and will also manage payment and delivery as value-added services. As a renter, you can browse RentSher, select any product you like and book it for the dates you want to rent the product. Again it will be delivered and picked up from your doorstep.

If you need any product on rent, you can either browse our categories or search for a product. After selecting the product(s), choose the duration for which you want to rent the product, choose the payment and delivery option and RentSher will deliver as well as collect the product. If you want to give your product on rent, simply upload the product. Whenever we receive an order, RentSher will inform you, collect as well as return the product for rent. For further details on this, check “How it works?” section.

Once you select a product and place the order, RentSher will deliver the product before end of day of the delivery date. After the duration is over, the product will be picked up by RentSher representative from your doorstep. We make best effort to inform you of the rider dispatch and co-ordinate the delivery timing suitable for you. If you have particular delivery instruction, you can mention it in 'delivery notes' at the time of checkout.

Cost of replacement is less than or equal to MRP of the product. If the product is damaged or lost, the renter will have to pay this amount to the owners.

Deposit is a form of guarantee against damage/loss of product. We aim to keep the deposit amount as low as possible and in all cases it will be less than market value of the product and/or cost or replacement.


Normal wear and tear from use if of course acceptable. However if the product is broken, substantially damaged or lost, you have to either replace the product with another product in similar condition or pay the amount for repair or market value of the product if it cannot be repaired.

We need to know you are a genuine renter who does not have any malicious intent. Getting ID and address proof will help us ensure the same. Your ID and address proof will never be shared with any third party.

RentSher only provices the products for rent. The setup, installation, maintenance and manpower is not the part of it. In some cases, we may be able to provide manpower or maintenace at additional cost. Please contact our team before booking if such services are needed.

lifebuoyRentSher Account

RentSher is a marketplace and is already working with 100+ businesses. You are more than welcome to enlish your business with us. Please check our 'owner page' for various options related to renting your products through RentSher

To be able to rent your products through RentSher, you will have to register on our website.

There are few ways and it depends on case to case. You need to consider few things: Re-usability - Can the product be reused very often (e.g. Electronics) or just few uses (e.g. costumes and toys)? Product condition - Of course brand new product will have higher rent compared to used one. Maintenance post rent - What is the maintenance associated with the product post rent? e.g. electronics product don't need anything to be done. On the other hand if its a designer dress, you will have to get it dry-cleaned after every use. Having said this, finally it is a marketplace and you will find suitable rent based on demand and supply. As a over simplified rule of thumb, we recommend a rent of 1-7% of MRP for day, 5-15% of MRP for week and 10-30% or MRP for a month.


Yes, there is a possibility. Contact us through the means mentioned in our contact us page and we can help you with the process. We are not making this an online feature just yet!

RentSher is asset light marketplace. We do not own the products rented on our platform and thus we won't be able to purchase your products.