Incentivize your Party Ideas!

03 November 2017

In metropolitan cities like Bangalore parties have become common, be it a birthday party, Bachelorette Party, Kitty party, house party, etc. People celebrate every occasion and make it memorable, in recent days no one wants to miss an occasion that can be shared with dear ones. A simple celebration like visiting a resort or restaurant for dinner/celebration does not involve much planning. But, if you have to host a party at your home or create a complete custom party, then you might have a lot of planning and ideas needed to execute it successfully. Many times you may come up with great party ideas that can appeal your visitors and make it a big success. Did you ever think that you will be incentivized for your great party idea and make you popular in the city?

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Significance of Costumes for Janmashtami and Independence Day!

03 August 2017

Ever worried for the costumes rental in Bangalore for your kids?

Any upcoming events for your kids? Any function or kids fashion show?

No problem at all, is here and you can hire a wide range of costumes for your kids for any function. RentSher is the unique online platform providing kids and adults costume rental over the whole of Bangalore with delivery and pickup service. 

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How you can Reduce the Impact of GST?

13 July 2017

GST Impact

How many of you are getting affected by New “Goods and Service Tax”! 

I guess many of us as it has lead to increase in the price of many products such as Apparels, Appliances, and Electronic Gadgets etc. The government has harmonized the tax rate but leading to an increase for many categories which lead to the increase in the cost of buying it. As always #RentSher is there to be your friend and help you bring down these expenses by letting you rent from our online site with exciting offers.

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How to Earn Extra Income without Investment?

05 July 2017


Have you ever thought that you could earn money from your leftover unused appliance and products?

Here's the answer: RentSher has come up with a new Idea which works peer to peer and you can put all your idle products for rent which includes almost everything.

Do you want to know how RentSher works?

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19 June 2017

Clothes bought for different occasions lead to increase in the wardrobe, whereas our day to day used clothes count only 5 to 10 pairs. We tend to store the costly clothes and wear it rarely on the occasional basis. In India, the trend of renting clothes is totally a new idea. RentSher is a platform with the widest variety of apparels and clothing on rent, we have created an online platform to meet vendors and shoppers for renting entire wide range of designer clothes and accessories for men and women. RentSher provides an opportunity to hire a wide range of products and makes the customer worry no longer about spending an enormous amount of money just to wear it once. 

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