Home Furnishings and Office Furniture from RentSher

09 May 2017

Wide Range of Home Furnishings and Office Furniture from RentSher 

Today setting up your dream home is easier than it has ever been. The online retail furniture vendors have eliminated the pain of finding the right option for your space. Now companies in the Rental space like RentSher has taken a step further. RentSher assures quality furniture at affordable prices.

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Graduation Ceremonies and Robes - As Old as time and as new as each Graduating student

31 March 2017

Dressing up for Graduation is a Ceremony over 8 Centuries Old- Believe it or not the nice gown and the cap that is worn started as a ceremony as early as 13th century (around 1222 AD) in European colleges especially around Oxford. Also known as Academia Dresses or academicals or academic regalia in United states, the graduation dress consists ideally of gown (also known as a robe) with a separate hood, and usually a cap either a square academic cap, a tam, or a bonnet.

Significance of Sach Color

On top of the black gown - the Sach color could be red, blue, Green, gold or some other. What do these colors mean? Do they have a significance on the degree - undergraduate or postgraduate? Or is it related to the stream you graduate from?

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Bridal Dresses and Jewelry Special

28 March 2017

It Is perhaps the most exciting and important time for any going to be bride, as she scouts around often with friends and family for the most perfect dress and matching jewelry for the wedding day. There are several choices here, but one has to go with what makes you comfortable and at the same time look elegant and gorgeous. Here are some handy tips and guidance for helping you.

Matching jewelry to the Dress

This is the first and foremost step - a good bridal jewelry set not only complements or matches with the dress but actually show off the dress in most beautiful manner that it is meant to be. Besides the color matching, the style of the jewelry also needs to match up.

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5 Extremely engaging activities for kids this summer

24 March 2017

Summer is here and so are the kids’ vacations. The first thing that comes to parents minds these days is how to engage the kids for the full 2 months - and it is not an easy task. Here’s a set of 5 engaging activities that can be planned and yet doesn’t cost a ton as this is based on a rental model. 

Indoor Play / Activity session

Summer vacations deserve special play sessions, but the outdoors is not always amenable for the same! From toddler’s ball pits to kids’ hula hoops and bouncy mats, RentSher can set up your very own play area in-house not only your child but for the entire playgroup.

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Any life event, Simply Rent

14 March 2017

RentSher is marketing the concept of “Any life event, Simply Rent” under which it provides customers anything and everything they may need on rent. The new campaign also highlights that from toddlers and youngsters requirements to youth, to office people and finally in old age there are several life events where Rental is a preferred mode over buying product, even if you have spare income. The benefits around renting for event include easy setup, maintenance, and doesn’t add to already short space in the house after the event.

The products and services provided through RentSher can be categorized in - Long Term Rentals and Short Term Rentals - based on the rental duration.

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