How RentSher is helping Startups go the Cockroach Way

21 April 2016

Sustainable, frugal startups, newly coined as cockroach startups, are gaining popularity. RentSher helps startups and SMEs in their journey from cockroach to unicorn.

With the easy funding flow of 2015 drying up, the theme of the season today including guidance from VC and investor community is to execute like a “Cockroach”. It means survive under extreme conditions like cockroaches do. Even the theme around Unpluggd 2016 happening in May is also around the same with different entrepreneurs and investors giving their view on why this approach is important.

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How to make the best of this Cricket season!

25 February 2016

It is tense phase in the match. Pressure is high. Sami to Mahi, here comes a good one, but Mahi is determined. He has already judged the bounce, he leans back, takes a big swing and shoots the ball out of stadium. A big sixer. You go crazy, jump out of couch to high five… only to see that no one is there in your living room. Pretty sad…. Now even your 40 inches TV looks tiny to your compared to the zeal of a great match along with friends.

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Oxford Guys Bring Back Sharing to India

21 December 2015


It was in 2007-08 doing their MBA in Oxford, as the world was on the Cusp of slipping into the financial depression- these 3 Indian students used to rent books per semester, rent a car to drive occasionally to London or rent a fancy tuxedo for a Black bow Dinner. The idea was simple and effective - live light, save money, have variety. On the other hand when back in India between 2010-14, they saw the huge wave of e-commerce, a wave where heavy discounting by competitive Flipkarts, SnapDeals and Jabongs led to people owning things more than perhaps what they need!

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RentSher amongst India’s Top Marketplaces

01 December 2015

From the start, has been unique in the online rental space, by providing a platform and acting as a end-to-end marketplace for people to rent out and rent in products. The concept got another recognition and validation through the Marketplaces contest of the year organized by Yourstory and Accel -

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RentSher in news

14 July 2015

It has been a fascinating ride since I joined full time at RentSher in May. RentSher is riding on a wave of marketplaces and sharing economy. But more important - RentSher is solving a real problem of need for temporary consumption of many day to day products. With our end to end model including online booking, payment and delivery, we are on our way to become India's one stop shop for all rental needs. And I am not the only one saying this. In past couple of months RentSher has been talked about, recognized, accoladed and appreciated in many forums. Here are a mere few of them. YourStory is leading online publication for startup world. You can read about a very nicely written article on RentSher in YourStory here!

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