Holi Party Rentals from RentSher

31 January 2018

Holi Party Supplies from  RentSher

Holi, this word excites everyone across India. Holi is a festival of colours, celebration of victory, spring festival and marks the end of winter. Though the way of celebration is different across India, its main aim is to Thank everyone that supported for a Good harvesting season. But, in modern days Holi is celebrated as Festival of colours with family and friends.

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Renting products in Bulk might be more Beneficial. How?

29 January 2018

Arjun started working on his dream to establish his own business and he is now ready with a plan and small fund to start with. Now his main concern is whether to spend the amount on purchasing the workstations like Desktops, Laptops that consumes most of his funds or hire them from companies who provide it for shorter/longer terms at fraction of the purchase price. He contacted a company that provide workstations on rent, he was not sure about the number of Laptops/Desktops needed and his current need is to start the business with fewer numbers and gradually increase the workstations as and when needed.

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RentSher Serving Micro and Small Businesses through Co-working Spaces

08 December 2017

Bangalore, being India’s startup Capital has become a home to 5000 emerging Businesses. These startup garages are part of folklore and should be prized landmarks in any neighbourhood. The growing desire in professionals to become entrepreneurs resulting in more and more business entities that are becoming more competitive to traditional business and opening the doors to support marketing of traditional businesses.

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Incentivize your Party Ideas!

03 November 2017

In metropolitan cities like Bangalore parties have become common, be it a birthday party, Bachelorette Party, Kitty party, house party, etc. People celebrate every occasion and make it memorable, in recent days no one wants to miss an occasion that can be shared with dear ones. A simple celebration like visiting a resort or restaurant for dinner/celebration does not involve much planning. But, if you have to host a party at your home or create a complete custom party, then you might have a lot of planning and ideas needed to execute it successfully. Many times you may come up with great party ideas that can appeal your visitors and make it a big success. Did you ever think that you will be incentivized for your great party idea and make you popular in the city?

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Significance of Costumes for Janmashtami and Independence Day!

03 August 2017

Ever worried for the costumes rental in Bangalore for your kids?

Any upcoming events for your kids? Any function or kids fashion show?

No problem at all, is here and you can hire a wide range of costumes for your kids for any function. RentSher is the unique online platform providing kids and adults costume rental over the whole of Bangalore with delivery and pickup service. 

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