How you can Reduce the Impact of GST?

13 July 2017

GST Impact

How many of you are getting affected by New “Goods and Service Tax”! 

I guess many of us as it has lead to increase in the price of many products such as Apparels, Appliances, and Electronic Gadgets etc. The government has harmonized the tax rate but leading to an increase for many categories which lead to the increase in the cost of buying it. As always #RentSher is there to be your friend and help you bring down these expenses by letting you rent from our online site with exciting offers.

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How to Earn Extra Income without Investment?

05 July 2017


Have you ever thought that you could earn money from your leftover unused appliance and products?

Here's the answer: RentSher has come up with a new Idea which works peer to peer and you can put all your idle products for rent which includes almost everything.

Do you want to know how RentSher works?

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Online Product Rental Guide: What products you can Give on and Take on Rent?

11 May 2017

RentSher believes in the concept of “Any life event, Simply Rent”. We provide customers anything and everything they may need on rent. The new campaign also highlights that from toddlers and youngsters requirements to youth to professionals and finally, in old age, there are several life events where the rental is a preferred mode over buying product, even if you have spare income. The benefit around renting for the event includes easy setup, maintenance, and doesn’t add to already short space in the house after the event.

We are trying to provide a guide to online product rentals like what you can take on rent or give on rent. This guide will help many people to understand the online rental marketplace and give them the better understanding on the list of products available across online product rental Industry. Below mentioned are few product categories and products that we come across in day-to-days life.

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Round-up 2016; Transition to 2017

28 February 2017

2016 is said to be one of the most eventful year in recent times with the likes of Trump’s emphatic Triumph, UK’s divided but decisive Brexit, in India Modi’s effective demonetization, Arctic polar caps melting beyond anyone’s imagination, in Business world Microsoft and Linkedin amongst several hundreds of mergers and acquisitions, yet the Startup funding drying up and more. 

How 2017 will unfold in light of several of these events, only time will tell; however at an individual or corporate level also, one can look at how these changes can be positively incorporated. There could be some secondary trends that are obvious yet good to know and watch out for. 

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When to buy the products such as laptops vs when to rent?

31 January 2017

When to buy vs when to rent is a classic dilemma for a long time, especially for conventional things such as house and cars. Start-ups such as AirBnB and Uber often move the needle towards rent in many cases. With growing acceptance of sharing economy, the scope of this question has now spread to other products in all dimensions of life. This includes baby products such as strollers and car seats, hobby products such as cameras and tents or even office products such as laptops and projectors.
Here is an attempt to figure out the winner in some of these cases with an interesting calculator for a bit complex case. I am taking a laptop as a product here for simplification, but the logic can be applied to almost every movable asset.

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