What can I give for rent?

02 May 2015

Kids toys and accessories: One of the best categories. Kids grow out of their toys and accessories very fast. Many times, in enthusiasm, many toys and accessories are bought for them which are very rarely used. All these items and best choice to put them on rent Power tools: I personally like to do repairs myself and have good set of tools. Of course I don't have to do repairs very often. It makes power tools flagship of sharing economy. High value, rarely used products are definitely something you can put on rent. Electronics and Gadgets: Everything from your play station to new chrome device. Real gadget freak really wants to try every other gadget available in market. But prices are prohibitively high to buy them all. So lets share if we care. Most gadgets except smartphones are sparsely used. So put them on rent and let your fellow gadget lovers try them before they decide to buy them. Dresses and Jewellery: Another great example of things rarely used. And special thing about this category is you really don't want to use them again and again. I mean, not matter how beautiful your new necklace is, you don't want to be seen in it in every single party. So you basically will ask you mother, sister, in-laws or friends every now and then. Why not make that circle wider? Share your jewellery and rent others' as you like and always have new look. Let people wonder how you can afford it. Books: Once you have read the book, that is pretty much it. But if you are like me, you would love to browse and buy books and forget the world when you are stepping into another world through crisp pages of it. And they you would have a pile of books on shelf and don't know what to do with them. Well, rent them out. Many book lovers don't want to buy books but the libraries are far away and too much hassle. They would definitely love to get your books delivered to their doorsteps! Sports gear: Got to busy with life? Changed hobby? Perhaps. But you are determined to get on tops of everything and start playing tennis every weekend or go camping every month or get back to learning golf soon. That good! But until then, put your sport gear, from racquets to tents, from skating shoes to golf kit on rent for other to try their hands on. At least you won't have to here sarcastic comments about wasting money on gear that you never use! Travel accessories: Big suitcases and trolleys, windcheaters, power banks, inflatable mattress, folding chairs and so on so forth. All the little things you use for travel can definitely be given on rent when you are staying put. I just want to mention one thing here. If you have an emotional attachment with any of these do NOT put them on rent. RentSher manages the breakage and loss and replaces the products in such cases and as an owner, you never have the hassle of dealing and negotiating with Renter. But there is a possibility, however rare, of loss of product and any replaced product cannot bring the emotional value. For everything else.... Share the spare on RentSher!