Round-up 2016; Transition to 2017

28 February 2017

  1. Online Marketplaces - With demonetization as they say, the writing is on the wall for several business and their customers to move online. This is especially true for business like event organization, party setups, real estate rentals, and small businesses. Online Marketplaces which really help move these offline businesses online could see a major push up.
  2. FinTech Evolution- This is perhaps the most focused area as of now and for right reasons as the world economy becomes more around e-money and valuations based somewhere down the line on assets. Blockchain is already being adopted heavily, credit linked to daily transactions is coming in, you never know even barter systems could come back with technology play.
  3. Shifting investments away from Stock markets- The Stock markets which have built extremely large investment portfolio seem too fragile with each passing, as the world’s economy and politics seems to be always on a knife’s edge. The shift could be away to more resilient or consumable assets be it gold or furniture.
  4. Re-commerce- Again, a highly spoken of economy but yet to take its wings especially via better technology, customer service and discoverability 2017 could be the year when re-commerce challenges new-commerce in a significant manner. Though from an environment saving perspective the impact of re-commerce coming up would take some more time to visualize. Renttherunway did itself and the industry some good by getting to the next level. In India companies like Rentomojo, Furlenco and RentSher are coming up.
  5. Frugal businesses winning over splurging ones- This has already started to come in with the phrase used in 2016 as ‘cockroach’ startups. But the essential idea is to acquire customers at right price, to spend only when there is absolute need, not to show off whether you are series A or B funded and so on.