RentSher Serving Micro and Small Businesses through Co-working Spaces

08 December 2017

The main issues for these startups are finding affordable office space and reduce the capital investment as much possible by using the existing resources available. Hence they look out for renting the office equipment like Laptops, desktops, servers, printers and furniture like Office chairs, Work stations and more. RentSher, being a one of the top online rental platform in Bangalore, it provides a wide range of products on rent starting from events to high end gadget support for many startups across the city.

RentSher is supporting many startups across Bangalore by providing Laptops, Desktops, servers, office furniture and more on rent at an affordable price which inturn will reduce the burden on startups. We also provide event related products for corporate get-together like barbecue grills, Sofa, Canopy tents, Speakers, lightings, stage setup and more to host any kind of event within the office space to avoid paying higher rents for convention centres.

When it comes to office space, startups cannot afford to pay huge rents in Tech parks or commercial spaces, hence most of the startups function from one of the co-founder’s house, garage, single room or a co-incubated business house. Now there is a better solution for startups to have their own office through Co-working spaces which provide professional environment with all the amenities like cafeteria, lounge, gym, conference hall and more.

These Co-working spaces are mainly concentrated at close proximity to major tech parks to accommodate professionals to run their own businesses without affecting their current work. They provide work spaces from hourly basis to dedicated area on monthly rent as well. Rents at co-working spaces are very less compared to commercial buildings and no commitment required in terms of number of spaces or hours etc. You can pay based on the usage and more over you will work in a professional environment. One such co-working space growing rapidly with branches across India is InstaOffice.

InstaOffice: InstaOffice is India’s fastest growing network of serviced office spaces for teams of any size and for any duration. Office space solutions at our Business Centres and Coworking Spaces include Flexible Workstations, Private Cabins and Meeting Rooms. With 11 centres in total, we have multiple spaces in key locations of Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru, with a community of over 500 members and growing to over 2,000 by the end of next quarter. Our members range from early-stage startups, mobile professionals and SMBs to large mature corporations such as Yahoo, Amazon, Staples and Foodpanda, amongst many others. 

RentSher is also supporting co-working spaces by providing Laptops, Desktops, Projectors, servers and more as when the requirement arises. Being a leader in Online product rental space, RentSher wants to serve more and more Micro and Small businesses to reach their goals without badgering about the capital investments.