It Pays to Go Green!

08 June 2015

a. Real Cost, also known as environmental cost - Few people would understand this; but the price of product that we pay in the market, many times might be a small fraction of the real 'environmental cost' of the product. Well, how is that possible, when we have been taught that for normal market dynamics, price is more than cost. Various studies and analysis show that if we look at the complete life cycle from sourcing to production to delivery, consumption and finally disposal- the cost of products has a different ballpark.Ultimate Cost to Environment Ultimate Cost to EnvironmentThe question is that can in the same lifecycle the product can be used more times, so that amortized cost to environment is reduced. We know that not all products can be reused, but surely many can be.  Also, one person's requirements may change over period of time as he progresses through his or her life cycles! Renting or sharing of products holds the key, but needs to be done in an organized manner, to ensure that there is a win-win situation for everyone involved. b. More Individual Cost Savings by Collaborative Consumption - On a personal level there is a very cost effective way for a lot of the items that we might use occasionally. Think for example a Stage Dance you have to do - instead of buying a dance costume of 2000Rs, you can actually have it for rent in 200-300Rs; thus saving money and environment and also precious space in your wardrobe. Actually this is true even for things like jewellery, especially imitation jewelry; or other 1-2 time use ornaments.IMG_20150413_125552 Jewellery on RentFull Length Party Gown Fancy Dresses on Rent6_Vaccuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner on Rentsony-VPL EX 100 Projector on Rent in Bangalore                            A projector that you need to watch movie with friends or for a home function need not be bought at exorbitant Rs40,000; but rented inexpensive. Similarly things like vacuum cleaners, power drills or indoor step ladders that you would like to use but not everyday or even every week can be had on rent rather than block space in your home. c. Finally, with RentSher like platform, you can actually put your spare online for rent and actually start earning money, without actually parting with your product. Many of our RentSher patrons have already done that. They earn anywhere from 1000-2000Rs a day or a week depending on the items demand for rent online like laptops on rent, pram on rent, bikes on rent, appliances like induction stove on rent, even costumes and jewelry on rent and a lot more. So, it truly pays to go Green ! Louis Gerstner, who was former CEO of IBM, had said, "Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding." On that note- if we are to grow sustainably, we need to optimize value chains in order to preserve the natural capital that we rely on. This requires businesses to work collaboratively to redefine how and where products are made and used.  Take for example laptops, desktops and other electronics - many times new companies or individuals require it for starting up and trying out some things. They could easily rent it rather than buy it.Laptops on Rent available on RentSher Laptops on Rent available on RentSherThese collaborative consumption steps could go a long way in saving costs to individuals and also environment as a whole.