Ideas for Green and Eco Friendly Diwali

03 November 2018

Diwali Greetings

If you are confused as to how can you celebrate a Green Diwali or a Diwali without crackers- read on!

Diwali is the festival during which there are a variety of theme options available to let you indulge in partying, and blitzing. Diwali to different people could mean lighting diyas, bursting crackers, exchange of gifts, setting decorations including lighting, floral, scented candles and incense sticks etc. The festival is associated with happiness & prosperity and hence everything in that environment tends to undergo renovations or innovations be it your silk cushion, sweets, Diwali gifts or the way you play games to celebrate the occasion that is inspired by age-old tradition. It is one of the most revered festivals and hence it’s celebration means arrangement of flowers, Rangoli making, arranging special gaming sessions of playing cards, and lighting up your surrounding in the different types of string lights, par cans, bulbs and many more which are available now a days in the most exciting patterns and colors to make your Diwali more Brighter and lightened up.

Go pollution free this Diwali and make way for lights all around

Celebrate this Diwali without harming our surroundings and environment avoiding all kind of pollution be it noise or air, created via crackers burning or bursting. Go eco-friendly way to celebrate this Diwali, exchange gifts arranges parties and get-together, so that the harmony in ideas and attitudes can be encouraged.

To make sure that your this Diwali is more pampered via lightings than pollution, get the latest kind of lighting that will brighten up the whole surrounding around you making the true sense of Diwali. It is a tradition for lighting earthen lamps to welcome Goddess Laxmi. To augment,  you may hire focus light, par can, LED bulb, the serial lights in single or multi colors, disco lights and many more kind of lighting in accordance to the quantity you require so, that not even a single corner of your house or the locality stays in darkness.

Game Night

Indulge in playing games with the family and friends to have more fun filled festivity feel. You don’t have to invest heavily into purchasing these Diwali special games as RentSher is a portal which solves all these issues for you in your base city as through this site you can hire different trending, high-tech or traditional games set apps and accessories without giving your budget jerks. Hires card game set up, casino game setups, gaming consoles, and many more items so that your Diwali party is not short of creative games environment that would engage the entire guest at the same time bringing more liveliness around.

Let your soul bask in the music

Music is the essence of every celebration so, hire the most advanced and sophisticated audio systems for your get- together rather than purchasing them, hire from RentSher and return them once your party mood is over.

Be a trend-setter with trending dresses

Adorn yourself in the finest clothes and no need to purchase them as you can hire from the site and celebrate the festival in most lavish way indulging in the family feast, light fireworks, gift sharing, partying and much more.

Decorations at home

No need to worry about your the party decoration with a theme for Diwali or without any particular theme. This time RentSher will come to your rescue with all the party arrangements with the theme as per your requirement.

Hire the services available on the portal in various combos or as a single unit for a very nominal cost per day to celebrate your Diwali stress-free and mess-free way without compromising on luxuries. The site's professionals render all kind of services right from the delivery of the product to the pickup service and installation of products on destinations.