Blog Partner Series - Excerpts of Interview with Mr Uday, Master Performer and head of Talent World Event Management company

05 April 2018

RS - For How long have you been in the entertainment business?

Uday - The key reason I struggled initially was that I felt I did not have a profile, even event managers did not give me good opportunities. Finally, a break came to me in the form of a senior event organizer in the industry in events Business who gave me several avenues to perform and make my mark in the industry. Again after several years of learning more by actual performances, my real break came via the corporate performance at companies like Wipro Corporate. And gradually people started recognizing my face & voice in the industry - often referring and asking for ‘the Mangalore boy’ to come and perform at their function. Once established, I did aggressive marketing and captured many events and functions to perform.

The most celebrated performance through the years has been a unique talent which he calls “Voice Illusions” - I can do 35-40 different voices like Animal voices, equipment voices, nature voices and more. In fact, I can mix and match and have won a National Award for the same.  I have innate skills as a magician. The sleight of hand leaves people spell-bound and always wanting more. My bread and butter still are from suborders from party decorators and event organizers i.e. from people known to me and I have very good mutual respect for them.

RS - How large is your team and what services do you provide?

Uday -  After establishing as a performer, I came back to being an entrepreneur, this time a more successful one as I opened a complete event organizing company. The idea came when a well-wisher asked why did I not take up Corporate events and I realized that to do so I needed a company, registered ID, and empanelment with corporates.

Today, I employee over a dozen regular staff working for me and nearly 30 People affiliated with events. The best part is that we have excellent relations with all artists in the fraternity. The list of services provided  

Performances -

  1. Magic Shows for Events - Organized with all the Props and are most animal and kid friendly. The show typically lasts for 45-60 minutes but requires a setup.
  2. Juggling Shows - Imagine 2-3-4-even 5 balls going up together and forming a circle. Juggling has been a skill which everyone aspires to do whether with balls or tasks, and it is said that those who can do with balls, can also do with things in life. Our team of skilled jugglers will leave you spell-bound.
  3. Clowning Shows - Acting a clown is never easy, but our team are able to just that and take you to a different world where only laughter exists.
  4. Ventriloquism is a unique form of an act on stage in which a person changes his voice in such a way it appears coming from elsewhere, usually a puppet head of an animal or otherwise. It is a most engaging form of Stage Art. And we are one of the few Indians who can do it really well.
  5. Emcee - An Emcee or Master of Ceremony has to think on his feet and engage the audience with live jokes, acts, and anecdotes while maintaining the theme of the party. We have done this hundred of times
  6. Team Building activities - As they say, you can learn hundred times more about a person in Play than in work, and we are able to organize team building activities and play for individuals and corporate setups.
  7. Voice Illusions 35-40 - 3 voice at a time and National Award for the same.
  8. On the spot choreograph for Kids / like Zumba - This is the latest craze as in a fit body lies a fit mind. So we ensure that you do not stick to your seat but actually get up and dance and exercise along in the party.
  9. Stilt Walking- People especially kids are fascinated with Talk walking figures especially in carnivals

Services -

Artists - Tattoo artists, Face-painting artists, Caricaturist artists for paper or cups, nail artists for nail decoration, Balloon Modeling for forming nice shapes with balloons can all be booked with us.

Most of these can be booked here.

Decorations -

The decor is also an integral part of any function, get-together or party. Whether it is basic or theme based Balloon decorations, Papercraft (which they Self manufacture), Honey Comb decorations, Stage and backdrop setup, Drapes and clothes, the team is able to do it all and to customer satisfaction. Several designs here-

Thematic Parties-

Well, the ideas for theme based parties keep growing each passing year whether it Goan, Hawaiin Disney, princess, retro or any other theme, the team is able to procure and provide the Props for the same.

More recently even tradition Indian Themes like Indian games and also Folk Themes like Yakshagana are becoming popular nowadays Traditional Indian games like Lagori, Kho Kho, Kabaddi, Engage Kids and adults alike.

RS - Why have you specifically chosen those services?

Uday -  Customers want creativity and uniqueness e.g. Recently someone had asked for a  Chef theme party. It is quite exciting to do a production based on their themes and develop the concept.

RS -  What motivates you every day for your performances?

Uday -  Happy Customers is a motivation for us. Money apart, the enthusiasm of the audience,  and applause rings in my ears even days after the performance. Sometimes if customers not engaged, then it does let us and the team down. But most importantly, we believe in -

“Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Maa Phaleshu Kadachana, Maa Karma Phala Hetur Bhur, Maa Te Sangostva Akarmani”

I.e. Do our Karma, rest leave it to God.

RS -  Your Best/most memorable performance so far?

Uday -  An unbelievable performance for a man in Atria Hotel, A paralyzed person from the waist down after witnessing the acts, actually stood up in applause with the whole gathering actually stunned at the ‘real magic’ that I was able to achieve in that act. While earlier artists were not much respected, we believe that times are changing and in India also art and performance artists are being respected now.

RS - Do you like working with RentSher? Any other expectations you would have?

Uday - Well, the best part about working with RentSher is that genuine and good customer requests come in, the communication is good in all respects and payments are timely. Since RentSher respects the artist's performance price in the market, we like working with RentSher team. We believe that offering more holistic packages with help further market the idea of booking these services online.

Note that you can now book all of the Services and offerings of Mr. Uday online on If you want the team to get in touch with you for event planning fill up on

And we will make sure we provide the range of services and performance of Mr. Uday to you.