Top 5 Trending Birthday Party Themes

30 July 2019

Choosing the right birthday party theme for your child’s upcoming birthday party is actually half the job done. Start by noting the kind of person your child is and their interest. Is she a nature lover or an adventurer, sporty or a peaceful book worm, fairy tale kinds or a more logically inclined individual. This will help you in setting up the perfect birthday theme for your young one based on their personality and interest.

1. Frozen

While you may have to wait until November 2019 for Frozen 2 to hit the theatres, you can definitely get into the groove of the theme by organizing a Frozen theme birthday party for your little one. Just go blue and let your favourite Frozen characters don your dessert table.

2. Pineapple Party

If you want to throw a birthday party that goes down the memory lanes of your child and their little guests, just go pineapple. Pineapple cake, pineapple hats, pineapple invitations, pineapple drinks, the list is endless! Simple and super hit!

3. Outdoor Camping Party

To feed the adventurers, you shall have to explore the adventurer in you! Just put a tent and have your guests grill some hot dogs, corn on the cob, burgers, or even steaks (in case they are all tweening!). Let them spend a few hours in the camp and watch them go crazy with a thrill! 

4. Spa Themed Party

Luxury on the menu this time? Just go for a spa-themed party for your young girl’s friends. Pamper them with face masks, aromatic water and oils, manicures and pedicures. Follow this up with a soulful meal! Nirvana attained! 

5. Minions Theme Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love minions? Throw a minion themed party filled with yellow foods and clothes. Ask your guests to don silver goggles and there you are! A minion themed party on the go!