Do's & Don'ts while renting a laptop

28 August 2019

Do's and Don'ts while renting a laptop

Renting laptops today is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in countries like India where demand is more than the supply and affordability is an issue still for a majority of the population.

 Here are the 7 main things to consider while renting a laptop

  1. Operating System - Do you need windows or Macintosh or even an Ubuntu/Linux will suffice for you. Most developers prefer Linux based systems or Macintosh since the memory system footprint is less; while windows are heavier on the system and more suitable for lesser development heavy work. 

  1. Brand - While for Macintosh, Apple MacBooks are the only option; windows or Ubuntu can be loaded on Dell, Lenovo, HP, ACER and a range of other brands. There is not too much consequence of the brand unless you are looking for a specific weight and dimension for your configuration. 

  1. Configuration - This is a key metric since decides which applications you will be able to run on the machines. Corei3 is really a starting configuration, though some people still take core 2 duo or DualCore. Better configurations like Corei5, core i7 and most recent as corei9 are useful when doing a variety of applications and projects

  1. Generation - Older generation like 1st or 2nd generation laptops which are 2010-11 make are generally heavier and slower in speed, from generation 4-5th there was a significant improvement in the form factor of the machines. However, the absolutely new-generation laptops like Generation 6 and 7 are generally not available in the market for rentals.

  1. Price - While most people start by asking the price for rentals, this factor is completely dependent on the above factors. A simpler way of looking at rentals is that monthly rental for a long term will be 4-5% of the basic market price of the laptop, so say a laptop costs 40,000/ in the market for buying, you can get it on rent at ~1800-2000/

  1. Service - While renting a laptop, one should know what are the terms of service and replacement in case there is any software or hardware issue in the laptop. Not all companies provide free service while renting.

  1. Duration - Upfront you may or may not know the rental duration that you need the laptop for, and in such cases having a provider who provides flexible monthly rentals as a package is always helpful. 

While we now know the various factors to consider the laptop rental options, here is a quick list of things one should avoid while renting laptop-

  1. Choosing a configuration without knowing applications - We often have customers asking for highest configuration while they only have to run basic Windows applications and also reverse. In both cases either you will end up paying very high or end up with productivity loss (if your config is less than requirements)

  2. Negotiating only on price - If you throw peanuts you get monkeys also applies for laptop rental pricing. If you negotiate only on the pricing, while you may get the laptop, it will surely be from the oldest stock and more productivity loss due to a slower speed and being heavier than being of real use to you

  3. Using pirated licenses - It is always good to install a genuine licensed version of any software that you use even if, on the rental laptops, it might cost a bit more but will help you realize your goals faster.

We hope our Do's and Don'ts while renting a laptop is helpful. Keep these points in mind while you go out looking for a Laptop on rent. Got any other questions that we haven't covered in this article, post your questions to us with #rslaptoponrent and we surely will cover your questions in the next article. 
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