Who should rent a Laptop?

23 August 2019

Should you rent a laptop as per your profession?

Renting of IT equipment especially Laptops is now becoming a common practice due to the benefits like ensuring quality, service, easy upgrades and financial viability and flexibility. In the rental space, you might not find the absolute latest brands and models but can look at more 3rd to 7th Generation systems which are easily available in the market. 

While there are so many startups and SMEs which take laptops on rent, at an individual level the key people who benefit from renting laptops are-

  1. Freelancers - People who run their projects for clients be it for technical, design or even call-centre like work, use part of their monthly project income to pay for the IT infrastructure that they use for the project

  2. Designers- The computer requirements for Designing are quite high often requiring laptops with graphic cards / GPU, which are expensive and hence more amenable to renting than buying

  3. Side-Preneurs - If you are working in a firm on week-days and trying any idea with friends on the weekends, it is not advisable to use your office/company laptop for the same, and hence can go for rented laptop on the side

  4. Interns - If the company which has hired you pays you only a stipend and expects you to be more productive in your work, it is a good idea to rent a laptop and be ahead of your peers

  5. Testing/QA - If you want to test your production in various environments in real-time, while there are simulators, renting a real system which can run your work is the best idea

  6. Travelling/Salespeople - While you might have a desktop at home and want to travel to a client location with all the data and work, best is to rent a laptop for a short term and use it for the travel duration

The rental of laptops starts from as low as INR 1800/month or just INR 60/day and can go up to INR 9000/month based on the configuration and make of the laptop. Typically windows based systems are less expensive than MacBooks, and older generations are less expensive than more recent generation laptops. 

You can discuss with any expert or sales representative who can advise based on your requirements. Dell and Lenovo are very sturdy models which will last a good term even on a rental basis.

Also, if you have some idea on the requirements based on your need, here's a really cool way to find out the pricing and the availability of that laptop in less than a minute. 

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And as they say, Renting is the new Buying, no matter in which profession you are, in the current tech-savvy generation, renting a laptop or other IT equipment for any projects or any idea is the way to go!

On that note, we sign-off, hope our ideas have been helpful to you :)

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- Happy Renting