Renting products in Bulk might be more Beneficial. How?

29 January 2018

Arjun started working on his dream to establish his own business and he is now ready with a plan and small fund to start with. Now his main concern is whether to spend the amount on purchasing the workstations like Desktops, Laptops that consumes most of his funds or hire them from companies who provide for shorter/longer terms at fraction of the purchase price. He contacted a company that provide workstations on rent, he was not sure about the number of Laptops/Desktops needed and his current need is to start the business with fewer numbers and gradually increase the workstations as and when needed.

While discussing with an executive from Rental Company, he found that monthly rental price for a Laptop is Rs XXX, he started enquiring about the discounts in case if he hires more Laptops as his need was more than one. Finally, he got some Laptops with a discount of 20% on Rs XXX. Arjun was more happy that he got the required workstations at the lesser price than expected due to hiring them in Bulk.

Normally, Companies will have regular requirements for workstations irrespective of their size and employee strength. Most of the companies will hire workstations in single number without any additional benefit, but companies can benefit more from hiring them in Bulk quantity. The benefit might be in various forms like Discounts on price, Quick Response, ServiceGuarantee, Faster Delivery and more. Product Rental Companies will be ready to serve you better if you are a regular customer and your requirements will be handled with quick TAT.

Bulk Rentals will not only benefit a business, but it can benefit an individual customer who wants to celebrate his son’s Birthday or celebrate some occasion with his family and friends. He can hire entire birthday day party set-up orIndoor Party Set-up from one service provider to avail the bulk rental benefits. Normally Schools will celebrate their Annual days ina bash, but they need more preparation like finding the costumes for kids, Stage setup, Furniture for guests, Videography, Eventco-ordinator and more. Schools can avail all these services from rental companies that provide all these services to save their time, money and other bulk rental benefits.

Event Rentals:

Everyone will celebrate one or the other occasion often with their friends, family members, staff etc.Not everyone will have all the products related events ready with them, they need to arrange them from other places through renting or buying. Buying event products for one-time use will not be a good option, renting them through rental companies will be best options.Again as explained earlier be it a birthday party, Get together, Celebration, each event needs specific products and all the rental companies will not have all the products available with them and taking each product from different companies will cost you more. One needs to find a Product rental companies like RentSher that provides end to end event rentals for all type of events. RentSher provides event rentals in Bulk to cater your event requirements from decoration, furniture, AV equipment, Lightings, Photography, video coverage and more.

RentSher Caters all type of events like small birthday party, large corporate gathering, Indoor Party.Be it a 10 members party or 1000 Members party, RentSher will provide complete event supplies to provide complete satisfaction for you and your guests. Small events like Birthday party need only a few products like decoration, Play area and some games for kids, but large events like corporate gatherings need Furniture, Stage set-up, Lightings, Audio Systems, Bar accessories, Tents and more. RentSherprovides all these products in bulk to provide the benefit of saving customers time and money. Also, we provide GST Invoices for all customer orders to pass on the input subsidy of GST to our customers and they can claim the input tax subsidy.

Add-ons for Events:

Add-ons like Artists, Food stalls and decoration will add more vastness to any event. The best example for this would be a Birthday party where most of the kids gather to celebrate, an hours magic show or puppet show will increase their joy along with celebrations. For a get-together Face Painter or TattooArtist or Live Cartoon Character will add more value as kids will enjoy these things more. Food stalls can be added to any events where kids are part of it, as Cotton candy, Popcorn and Chocolate fountains cannot be found everywhere and these food stalls will double kids joy. Party Decorations can be anything like Flower decoration, lightings or Balloons, but real joy will come only when we have appropriate decorations as per the events. We can do many types of balloon decorations on birthday parties as per Kids likings Disney theme decoration, Car theme decoration, jungle theme decoration etc.A get together or festive events needs lightings, events like weddings, naming and other requires flower decoration, these decorations will not only add beauty to events but also happiness on your guests face also.

Electronic Rentals:

Electronic Rentals includes many products from Laptops, Desktops, Printers, Projectors, servers, Tablets and more. In recent times most of the startups and SME's interested in hiring the products rather than buying them as it will reduce their capital investment and no need to worry about updated product requirement as they can upgrade their with the latest technology whenever they needed without any investment. This is another advantage for Startups and SME’s in hiring the products. As explained in above example Startup enthusiasts like Arjun will get the most benefit of the rental model.

Startups and SME’s can hire laptops, Desktops, Tablets in Bulk as these are the products any company would need in more numbers. Since RentSher provides GST invoice for all their customer orders, startups and SME’s can claim the input subsidy on the tax amount paid for the product rentals and save some amount in terms of the tax subsidy.


In recent days, people are more conscious about their spendings and they just don’t want to spend on the dresses they wear for one day. Schools will celebrate many days and competitions which involves different costumes, Colleges will conduct graduation day which requires Graduation robes, corporate celebrations needs dance costumes like retro, etc. Costume requirements can be from Parents, Schools, Colleges, Dance Schools, Corporate Companies, RentSher has all types of costumes to cater the needs of each set of customers.

RentSher provides Graduation Robes in Bulk to Schools and colleges, Dance costumes in Bulk for School and college annual days, Dandiya Costumes for organizations and apartments for Navratri celebrations, Superhero costumes, Ethnic wear, freedom fighter costumes and more to schools for various celebrations throughout the year.

When providing the costumes in bulk rentals, we will come across with many requirements like dress types, sizes, designs and more. We will have a discussion with each customer to understand their requirements and we provide appropriate costume suggestion for the dance types, event types and more. For adult costumes, we normally provide free size costumes for Graduations, dance competitions etc. Understanding the client requirements and providing appropriate suggestions will play a major role in handling the variance and size related things while renting the costumes in bulk.

FAQ's for Bulk Rentals:

1.What are the types of eventsRentSher provides Bulk Rentals?

RentSher provides products in bulk for different events like Birthday Party, Get together, Corporate events, School functions, college graduations and more.

2.Benefits of Bulk Rentals

Single point of contact

Discounted price

Reduced Delivery charges

Tax Benefits and more

3.When will I get confirmation of bulk requirements?

Normally, we confirm the bulk orders within 1 working day.

4.Will there be a single point of contact, even If I order products from multiple categories?

You will have a single point of contact even if you are ordering products from multiple categories.