7 Easy Home-made Snack Ideas for Kids Birthday Party

30 July 2019

Party food is actually what makes or breaks your party. Choose your birthday snacks carefully and rock it!

1. DIY Mini Pizzas

Mini pizzas work wonderfully in kids birthday parties. Keep a variety of toppings and give each kid a free hand on making their own pizzas with their favourite toppings. 

2. Fajitas

Keep the tortilla wraps, fillings and sauces ready and let each kid have fun making their own fajitas. This will double up as food and activity for your party.

3. Mini Donuts and Cupcakes

Mini doughnuts and cupcakes serve as great dessert options and lead to minimal wastage of food. Easy to make, store, serve and eat! Perfect for birthday feels.

4. Tortilla Chips and Dip

Make your own salsa and sour cream. You can either serve the tortilla chips just like that with the dips or turn these into cheesy nachos by assembling and baking all of it with a generous amount of cheese. 

5. Chicken and Vegetable Puffs

This snack option is extremely popular amongst kids and works really well for a birthday party.

6. Street Food  

Street food snacks and chaat up the excitement quotient by quite a few notches. Who doesn’t love Indian style noodles, GolGappa, Basket Chaat, Sev puri, Momos, Paav Bhaaji!

7. Plain Cakes 

Keeping a few plain cakes is always a winner. Keep a selection of flavours and you will be surprised to see how these get gobbled down within minutes.