7 Birthday Party Decoration Ideas that Will Hit Just the Right Notes

29 July 2019

At a younger age, for kids, a birthday party is the most exciting part and making that a special one is a dream of every parent. Of the many parts of a birthday party planning, the decoration is one of the most important ones. While you want the decoration to stand out, getting it done from the outside can be slightly heavy on the pockets. Our 7 cool & easy DIY decoration ideas below will not only awe your guests at the party but also will be good on the pocket. So, why wait? Let's get started and sorted. 

1. Paper Pinwheels

These work really well for your decor. Colourful paper pinwheels can be easily made and decorated at home and are easily available in the market as well. These will add a festive look to your set up. 

2. Rainbow Water

Use bright food colours for making colourful water and keep it in glass jars of varying sizes and shapes. Use these glasses to keep fresh flowers. In fact, create a separate space for these DIY flower jars with coloured water. This will double up as a decorative and a nature corner for your party.

3. Embellished Party Hats

Decorate the store-bought party hats with colourful decoratives. You could also embellish names of your guest kids on each hat and there you have customized birthday hats waiting to be dawned by the baccha party. 

4. Ice Cream Hangings

These hangings will add a child-like fairy tale kind of look to your party, and who doesn’t like ice-cream? 

5. Character and Glitter Balloons

Can any birthday decoration ever be complete without balloons? Set up your child’s favourite characters balloons like a unicorn, Popeye, fish, fairies, etc. Glitter balloons is another great idea for your birthday decorations. 

6. Confetti Glasses

Keep these glitter glasses for a more grown-up kind of feel to the party. A tweening birthday kid would definitely love these.

7. Hanging Cut-Outs 

You can let your creativity run wild in this one. Get the birthday kid and her friends to draw, colour and cut out the hangings. You could do doughnuts, cupcakes, rainbow, ice creams, balloons, or anything that comes to your mind.

There can be many other ideas which can be done but these 7 above we think are easy to do and trending, if you try any of these ideas at home or any other of your own, share it with us, post it with images on the Instagram/Facebook tagging us with the Hashtag, #RSDecorationIdeas and we will feature the top 7 ideas in our next blog. 

Happy Renting! Happy Decorating!