6 Birthday Party Decorations in Home

10 July 2018

Birthday Decorations

Is it again that time of the year when you are racking your brain on how to put together a great birthday party for your loved one? And you are obviously looking for some great yet simple ideas for birthday party decorations in your home! Needless to say, if it is about your kid’s birthday party, you want everything to be special and unique! Let us tell you, there could be nothing more fun and exciting than arranging a birthday party at home where you can personalize the decoration according to the birthday boy/girl’s whims and fancies.

6 Easy Birthday Party Decorations in Home

Mix and match the decoration items available at home and rent the below listed simple decoration item. All you need is to just use a bit of your creativity and there you go! Your home is ready and all decked up for the special day.

  1. Balloons: Balloons have always enjoyed a special place in birthday party décor. They prove to be cost-effective in adding the perfect birthday feel. You can use the same color balloons to give your party a colored theme.
  2. Birthday Banners: They can be easily created from the paper wastes and cardboards at home. Browse birthday party decoration images to get inspirations.
  3. Streamers and Buntings: Using different types of colorful papers available at home, make flag shaped buntings. You can hang these streamers above the center table, on walls or around the banners. Just remember to wear the creative hat again!
  4. Pinwheels and Flowers: Colorful scrapbook papers with few twists, turns and cutting can have these pinwheels and flowers ready to be used for decorating walls or cake table.
  5. Party Props: Party props are a must to make a party fun and exciting. It can be masquerade masks or funny wigs, all these bring the fun element to the party. You can use these props as decorative items for your theme based party. You can even make a photo booth with all these crazy and fun props and let the guest create fun memories.
  6. Play Area: A play area set up at the birthday party engages kids attending the party. Play areas are safe for kids. Play Area of different size can be now rented online at a reasonable price. 

Birthday Party Decoration Budget Chart

Product Options Starting Price
Birthday Decorations Simple Decoration, Theme based, Customized ₹2800
Kids Play Area Bouncy Castle, Ball Pool, Ride-on ₹627
Bouncy Castles Disney Bouncy, Water Bouncy, Bouncy with Slide ₹3220
Food Stalls Chocolate Fountain, Pop Corn, Sweet Corn ₹2700
Artists Tattoo, Caricature, Magician ₹2300
Party Furniture Kids Chairs and Tables ₹99

3 Factors Influencing Birthday Party Celebration

  1. Personalized Touch: Birthday parties at home have more personalized appeal than their outdoor counterparts. It gives you an option of keeping the taste and choices of the birthday child while experimenting with varied party decoration ideas at home.
  2. Comfortable Environment: Can we deny the comforts of being in our known surroundings while the party is on, particularly if it is the birthday of a child? There is nothing happier and safer for him and other little guests than the comfortable settings of a home. For older people also, homes parties can be more relaxing affair than when being organized at a party hall.
  3. Cost Effective: This certainly is the biggest advantage of organizing birthday parties at home. You can even involve the birthday kid in the home decorations and watch the birthday celebrations start days before the actual event. Obviously, your love and efforts will resonate with those DIY birthday party décor ideas.

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