5 Absolutely Fun Bouncy Castles- A Key to Kid’s Heart

10 October 2018

Jump, Bounce, Slide, Run, Repeat! That’s what exactly happens when you give Bouncy Castle to kids where the fun never ends. The feeling of bouncing high can be such an exhilarating experience for your kids, that they simply adore these bouncy castles. So, if you are planning an event like your kid’s birthday party, a family get together or even any wedding party, hiring a Bouncy Castle will help you not only earn Brownie Points from the little guests but also receive Thumbs Up from Parents for giving them some ‘Me time’. So, whenever you have your next event planned, try these 5 super fun bouncy houses, the kids will absolutely love them.

1. Disney Bouncy Castle with Slide: Having a Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck shaped bouncy castle is sure to hit the right chord with your little ones. Disney characters are already super hit with kids. Hire Now

2. Round Bouncy Castles: If you have more of toddlers in a birthday party or an event, round bouncy house should be your perfect pick. Covering up less space, round shaped bouncy castle give your munchkins a safe area to jump, somersault or run and to have a lot of fun. Hire Now

3. Rock Climbing Bouncy Castle: This one is for older kids where they can satisfy their adventurous streak by experiencing rock climbing on a safe surface of a bouncy castle. Hire Now

4. Net Bouncy Castle: This one can be a secret den of your kids where they do not feel distracted by the parents’ activities while parents can rest assured with the extra safety feature of net enveloping the castle. Hire Now

5. Large Bouncy Castle: For a large gathering like a carnival, wedding party or a birthday party, the large bouncy castle can add on to the fun element of your event. Hire Now

Factors to Consider before Renting Inflatable Bouncy

Considering that these bouncy castles are such a hit with the kids, there are various kinds of inflatable available in the market. So, it is important that when it comes to the selection of the inflatable, you must keep certain points in mind!

1. Size: It is an important factor in your selection of bouncy castle. You need to keep in mind the size of your event, the number of kids and the area available for the set up of the bouncy castle before making your selection. Ideally, for around 10-15 kids, 4*5 meters and for more than 20 kids, 6*6 meters would work just fine.

2. Safety: When it is about kids, safety becomes your priority in the checklist. Also, the quality of the inflatable should be checked before letting the kids enter the area. You can even go for such designs where high walls, more boundaries, and net are there to keep your little ones safe and comfortable.

3. Type: For older kids, rock climbing bouncy castles or large bouncy houses are more appealing while for younger ones, there is nothing more fascinating than a Mickey Mouse bouncy castle or Doremon Bouncy castle.

4. Price: Your budget is also an important criterion when it comes to getting a bouncy castle. So, it is better to look out for reliable rental services where you can get more variety of castles at a highly affordable price.

5. Provider’s Reputation: A company with credibility will follow all the safety guidelines along with maintaining the punctuality of delivery, setup and pick up of these castles.

RentSher- A Leading Name in Bouncy Castle Rentals

Reliability is the second name of RentSher, an online rental platform where you can avail bouncy Castles of various kinds at an affordable rental cost. Available in various sizes, shapes, and designs, Bouncy Castles at RentSher are sure to give the kids their extra dose of excitement, fun and adventure. RentSher is also known to keeping up with the promise of delivering and setting up these bouncy castles on designated time.