Do's & Don'ts while renting a laptop

28 August 2019

Do's and Don'ts while renting a laptop

Renting laptops today is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in countries like India where demand is more than the supply and affordability is an issue still for a majority of the population.

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Who should rent a Laptop?

23 August 2019

Should you rent a laptop as per your profession?

Renting of IT equipment especially Laptops is now becoming a common practice due to the benefits like ensuring quality, service, easy upgrades and financial viability and flexibility. In the rental space, you might not find the absolute latest brands and models but can look at more 3rd to 7th Generation systems which are easily available in the market. 

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7 Easy Home-made Snack Ideas for Kids Birthday Party

30 July 2019

7 home made birhtday party snacks ideas

Party food is actually what makes or breaks your party. Choose your birthday snacks carefully and rock it!

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Top 5 Trending Birthday Party Themes

30 July 2019

Trending Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Choosing the right birthday party theme for your child’s upcoming birthday party is actually half the job done. Start by noting the kind of person your child is and their interest. Is she a nature lover or an adventurer, sporty or a peaceful book worm, fairy tale kinds or a more logically inclined individual. This will help you in setting up the perfect birthday theme for your young one based on their personality and interest.

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7 Birthday Party Decoration Ideas that Will Hit Just the Right Notes

29 July 2019

7 DIY Birthday Party Decoration ideas

At a younger age, for kids, a birthday party is the most exciting part and making that a special one is a dream of every parent. Of the many parts of a birthday party planning, the decoration is one of the most important ones. While you want the decoration to stand out, getting it done from the outside can be slightly heavy on the pockets. Our 7 cool & easy DIY decoration ideas below will not only awe your guests at the party but also will be good on the pocket. So, why wait? Let's get started and sorted. 

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