Do's & Don'ts while renting a laptop

28 August 2019

Do's and Don'ts while renting a laptop

Renting laptops today is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in countries like India where demand is more than the supply and affordability is an issue still for a majority of the population.

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Who should rent a Laptop?

23 August 2019

Should you rent a laptop as per your profession?

Renting of IT equipment especially Laptops is now becoming a common practice due to the benefits like ensuring quality, service, easy upgrades and financial viability and flexibility. In the rental space, you might not find the absolute latest brands and models but can look at more 3rd to 7th Generation systems which are easily available in the market. 

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5 Surprising and Fun Facts About World Cup You Probably Have Not Heard

07 June 2019

World Cup Facts

It’s difficult to be an Indian and remain isolated from one of the world’s biggest games: Cricket. There is a popular saying in India that if this nation would divide into two, there will be one who love cricket and others who worship it.

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Blog Partner Series - Excerpts of Interview with Mr Uday, Master Performer and head of Talent World Event Management company

05 April 2018

Mr. Uday came from a small village close to Mangalore to Bengaluru for a job in the early 90s. In fact, he worked with a chartered accounting firm but did not like working within 4 walls in a 9-6 job. He broke free to start performance acts, but with no digital reach and after a year of struggle based on direct marketing, was close to giving up on his dreams.  Today he is one of the best-known performance artists in Bengaluru. Here is a candid interview with him..

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Renting products in Bulk might be more Beneficial. How?

29 January 2018

Arjun started working on his dream to establish his own business and he is now ready with a plan and small fund to start with. Now his main concern is whether to spend the amount on purchasing the workstations like Desktops, Laptops that consumes most of his funds or hire them from companies who provide it for shorter/longer terms at fraction of the purchase price. He contacted a company that provide workstations on rent, he was not sure about the number of Laptops/Desktops needed and his current need is to start the business with fewer numbers and gradually increase the workstations as and when needed.

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